Vinyl Colors & Types

There are 4 main types of vinyl that we use at Serenity Valley Vinyls: Permanent, Temporary, Heat Transfer, and Printable. Each has their own uses, qualities, pros, cons, and even color options. This page will give a brief rundown of each type, as well as some practical applications.

Permanent Vinyl

Our permanent vinyl, or PV, is Oracle Brand 651, which is the industry standard for quality. It is high gloss, water resistant, scratch and abrasion resistant, and is one of the highest quality ‘non industrial grade’ vinyl a consumer can trust. Oracle offers 58 colors of PV – while we do not carry all of them in stock, we are able to acquire them for you at any time!

Please note, these colors are an approximation, and may appear different than the actual color depending on lighting or screen settings.

Heat Transfer Vinyl

Here at SVV, we trust only the highest quality from Siser – the number one selling HTV. HTV can be applied to cotton, polyester, cotton/poly blends and even leather! It is CPSIA Certified so can be applied to almost any garment you’d like!